towering genius disdains a beaten path

Abraham Lincoln

1999 was a year with one eye on cataclysm in the form of the Millennium Bug and one eye on the brave new world delivered by Apple's first G3 laptop. A bit of a cock-eyed year perhaps, but one which saw the birth of Crowther Ballantyne Associates.

With a focus from day 1 on executive resource solutions within the medical device sector, our reputation within this area has been honed by practical experience and hands-on service. We also deliver.

Gavin Crowther

Gavin is Managing Director at CBA and is responsible for the day to day running of the business.

Gavin's career has given him extensive experience of the medical device market this includes working for the National Health Service as Senior Purchasing Manager, selling critical care products and 13 years in multi-national recruitment.

He also happens to be an Arsenal fan along with trusty hound Jet, sporting his finest scarf especially for the occasion of appearing on the website.

Susie Ballantyne

Susie brings a wealth of international sales and marketing dimension to the team. Her experience spans working in international recruitment in Dubai as well as working for the British Embassy in Kuwait and Moscow.

Susie is able to identify the often intangible potential for conflict - and erase it before it has a chance to manifest. Second sight? Perhaps not quite, but an uncanny ability to make things go smoothly regardless of the stresses and pressures around. In other words, a great person to have in your corner.